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Longarm Quilting Utah | Vineyard, UT

About Me

My name is Nikara Wood.  Following in the footprints of my Momma, I have been an avid quilter for the mass majority of my life.  Needle Lil' Love Quilting was born out of necessity when times were on the rougher side for my family. I found a silver lining in my ability to create and with the generosity of APQS, I was able to acquire my first Longarm Quilting Machine!  Lucey (what I lovingly refer to my longarm as) has been in our family for the last year.  She has seen me through some really scary things, and allowed me to have an outlet for my emotions, and more importantly helped to provide for my family. 

I find so much joy in longarm quilting and creating designs on your beautiful one of a kind pieces.  I enjoy everything from edge-to-edge pantographs, free motion, ruler work, to fully custom quilting.   Tell me your desire's and lets see if we can bring it to life together.  Can't wait to work with you!


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